About Us

Eagle Private Equity is a proven partner for founders and investors. For founders, we help refine your Intellectual Property (“IP”) and bring it to market. For investors, we provide a unique financial opportunity through early-stage IP investing. Our team of professionals possess strong fundamentals in early-stage business development as well as industry-specific Intellectual Property knowledge.

About Us

History & Mission

Collectively, our management team possesses more than 100 years of successful early-stage investing and entrepreneurial experience. Founders & Investors: Eagle Private Equity has founded and developed several companies initially conceived of by its principals. Additionally, its principals have participated as investors or founders in dozens of early-stage opportunities.

Eagle Private Equity was founded as a vehicle to organize and expand the early-stage investment and company founding opportunities of its partners. Its principals have built extensive careers in business and have directly founded or invested in dozens of early-stage opportunities.

What is Eagle Private Equity, who are we and what do we do?

Our mission is simple, to create wealth born from ideas that are forward-thinking, innovative and create technologies that heretofore the world was unaware of their need or utility.

We are fund managers, seeking investments in companies with unique intellectual property, in large markets where the impact can be maximized.  

We are dedicated to developing and empowering entrepreneurs with our partnership, capital, and guidance.

We focus exclusively on the earliest stages of investment in these companies where the potential is the greatest.

For company founders, we help refine their intellectual property and bring it to market. For investors, we provide a unique financial opportunity to participate as original investors.

We are a unique entrepreneurial group of investment professionals and support staff who take a collaborative approach to value creation. We are experienced stewards of capital with a history of successful startups, some becoming publicly traded and others acquired by major Fortune 500 companies.

The most distinguished private equity firms result from the successful integration of capital and talent, driven by strong leadership and dedicated strategic intent. We are such a firm. The following core values below guide the beliefs and tenets of our culture, both at Eagle and the companies in which we invest:


We believe, with the right people, we can find success in any business or investment opportunity that comes our way.  We have learned over many years that investing in businesses is investing in people. We understand that transparency and respect are vital to preserving healthy, supportive relationships with our portfolio companies and capital partners.


Our investment philosophy starts with technology and innovation. We bring energy to a company, performing with a creative mindset and capital resources, maximizing efficiencies through technology implementation and business transformation.


Without integrity, honesty, and loyalty, all other values are meaningless. This is earned by acting responsibly and timely, “doing the right thing,” and treating people fairly and with the utmost respect.


We believe that capital deserves its own respect and that the appropriate alignment of interests, with our investors and management partners, is the foundation for success. We employ dedicated investment and risk management processes built over years of experience, derived from understanding that the return of capital comes before return on capital.


Many say it, we believe it. None of us can do this alone. We foster a work environment that inspires creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, all thoughts and ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Roadblocks and obstacles spur conversations that create opportunities to build trust, understanding and resolution.

Eagle Private Equity is a unique private equity institution given our dedication to technology, history of innovation and focus on the earliest stage of the investment and wealth creation process. Our portfolio companies and their people are our biggest asset and we are highly invested in their success.

In our journey to help these new businesses succeed, we understand that when much is given, much is expected. We do not take that responsibility lightly. Our values are woven into who we are, everything we touch and every investment we pursue.

Our goals for 2021 and 2022 are simple yet require significant effort and skillful execution. In the context of the framework above, we need to accomplish three things.

This is no small order and will take the efforts of the entire team to complete. But we are not in the habit of making small plans.

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