Our Philosophy on the Creation of Wealth

Jeff Bezos and Amazon. Bill Gates and Microsoft. Larry Ellison and Oracle. Three of the most notable names and companies amongst many created in the last decades born from ideas. Ideas that were forward thinking, innovative and creating technologies that heretofore the world was unaware of their need or utility.

These ideas and inspirations had little quantifiable value in their most nascent stages and were the Intellectual Property upon which each of these companies were based. But when they were the intellectual properties, they were the seeds which bloomed into plants and multiplied into forests. So, how did these companies find the fertilizer to grow and be revenue producing and maturing entities?



Early Stage Investing

Founders, Early Investors, Angel Investors, and then Venture Capitalists and other forward thinkers shared the visions of the founders and saw the potential for extraordinary growth. Investments that were made before a company was even incorporated. Investors that saw prototypes and what they would develop into. Investors that helped to establish the first phases of manufacturing. Any investments that were made up until the initial public offering. While the founders of these companies have made astounding fortunes, so have the early stage investors seen extraordinary returns on their investments.


The Eagle Pre-IPO Opportunity Fund I

The Eagle Pre-IPO fund seeks to find these intellectual properties and allow investors in the fund to participate in the growth of companies from their early stages to the IPO and beyond. The fund recognizes that not every investment will pay off in an extraordinary fashion. In fact, a good number will not. But a baseball player who gets a hit 3 out of 10 times at bat is likely going to the Hall of Fame- such is the value of each hit. So is the value of finding the right intellectual property and helping it prosper. An example to put it in perspective: Andres Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, made a $100,000 investment in Google before the company even had a name. Twelve years later, that investment was worth $1.7 Billion and he was one of several early stage investors to see like returns.

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